Additional Skynet Tools

Tools and Resources

SDKs marked with * above are not fully implemented – only skynet-js implements SkyDB and is our recommended SDK for the time being.

Community SDKs & Initiatives

  • Skynet SDK for Dart – Use Sia Skynet, SkyDB and MySky in your Dart and Flutter projects

  • py-skydb – Python Wrapper that you can use to interact with SkyDB portals

  • Skystandards – a proposal for data standards to be adopted in Skynet applications in such a way that users can share and use their data in different Skynet apps

Developer and Deployment Tooling

  • ****Rift – A site featuring lots of tools to help explore Skynet applications. Includes an uploader, MySky data explorer, resolver skylink manager for DNS, and more.

  • skynet-cli – Great tool for uploading directories from the command line.

  • SkyDeploy – Command-Line Tool for easily deploying web apps on Skynet and setting the skyns records to point your HNS domain to the new version

  • ****skylinkv2-cli-tool – Tool for managing and updating resolver skylinks (previously "skylink v2") from the command-line

  • Deploy to Skynet Github Action – Github action that deploys a directory to Skynet and comments on pull request with a skylink url. See Automated deployments on Skynet for using with Handshake.

  • Upload2Cloud – Windows Explorer integration for sending files and directories to Skynet. Python script available.

  • Vue CLI Deployment Plugin – Vue UI based tool for site upload with auto Namebase/Handshake updates

  • ****Load skynet-js Gist –Code snippet for loading skynet-js in browser, without build tools and without relying on a specific portal.

Example Code Repos